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Moto Mirror Troubleshooting Procedures

Posted on 11/13/2017

Here are some simple troubleshooting procedures for your Moto Mirror. IMPORTANT: Before performing any other troubleshooting work, check to see that the unpinned nuts locking the mirror to the mirror bracket are tightened to 15 foot pounds of torque, plus or minus 2 pounds. Mirrors that are loose in the bracket are the most common cause of reported Moto Mirror failures. Most reported problems with Moto Mirror and Road Scan remote control mirrors can be resolved with simple troubleshooting procedures while the mirror is still on the truck. Listed below are the basic troubleshooting procedures that should be followed if...

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Installation Instructions

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Aftermarket Moto Mirror remote control mirrors are available from truck dealers and independent parts distributors. For original equipment quality at lower prices, order standard aftermarket Moto Mirror brand remote control mirrors made with quick-snap connectors. The following installation instructions describe an aftermarket installation that is equal to original equipment quality. Please refer to the Wiring Diagram when replacing an original equipment mirror with an aftermarket Moto Mirror remote control mirror. All Moto Mirror products must be mounted so that the wire harness exits the bottom of the mirror. Mounting the mirror upside down can lead to mirror failure and voids...

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Did you know that the Admiral seat features HP suspension, swivel and an adjustable shock...

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